Saturday, October 1, 2016

Model Update 10/1

As you may have heard we developed something that has to do with our putting greens. It took up most of my time this week but it'll be heading to the U.S. Patent office real soon.

I did a bunch of work on the Prairie portion of our show. For now the paper place holders will stand in for the "greens". I say "greens" because all of the putting carpet will color match the surrounding scenery.

The big empty spot will be were our animatronic  Buffalo and Prairie Dog scenes will be.  

Remember our broken down wagon? A harsh reminder of the hardship of traveling West.

In the distance you can see the beginnings of our Pine Forest and beyond that the Living Desert. 

Here comes our construction manager Whitey Jenkins. He's waiting for a shipment of Pine Trees to grace that rock work. 

The Mine Train route will provide spectacular views.

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