Friday, September 16, 2016

Model Update 9/16

I found some vintage HO scale cars on Ebay to populate the parking lot. 

Again, you can see these cars parked in various places on the original EPCOT/Progress City model.

That rectangular space will be the home of the Amazing Sign.

I also got my hands on a vintage HO scale covered wagon for the prairie area. The journey west was fraught with hardship. A "flat tire" could mean the end for most settlers. Here we see an abandoned wagon, the victim of misfortune. 

The Mine Train track has been raised to 10 ft above the ground and the golf holes have been laid out to scale.

NEXT: Landscape

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let the beatings begin.

I started work on the 1/8th scale model. That means that every 1/8th of an inch equals one foot in real life. It's also the size of HO Gauge. I started with a piece of plywood cut to roughly the size of a 4x4 acre swatch of land. That'll include the parking lot etc. 

The most important element of this model are the scale people. I love to pretend I'm that size and I'm walking around the property. It's such a great way to tell how everything should be arranged. Graph paper is also handy because each square equals 2x2 feet. I'm getting a good feel for the size of our 36 putting "greens".

The Mine Train ride is going to dictate where everything else falls into place. It's a narrow gauge rail system so I'm using N scale track on an HO scale layout. Before I started this I knew nothing about real railroads but a couple of people have been kind enough to school me on the subject over the past few months. It was pretty easy to lay out the route because I've already built this entire park in my mind:)

Next I'm going to elevate the track to be 10 feet over the ground. Golfers will play uninterrupted by the train. I built a trestle out of balsa wood, made a silicone mold, and now I'm making multiples out of liquid plastic.  

  As a stand in for the Main Lodge I used an HO scale Plasticville Contemporary House kit from the early 1960's. You've seen it somewhere before haven't you? WED Imagineering used this model kit when they built Walt Disney's EPCOT (Progress City) model for Disneyland. It fit right into the residential areas and can still be seen today as viewed from the WEDWAY People Mover at the Magic Kingdom.  If you'd like to do a little diorama of Easy living in the city of EPCOT these run for about $20 on ebay.

I went wild sketching out the plan right on the plywood. There's The Smoke Tree BBQ! 

The loading area for the Mine Train.

MUCH MUCH MUCH more to come:)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Construction update #1

This coming week will tell us a lot about who we're going to choose to build the Mini Golf portion of this park. I want the "greens" clean and crisp. There's nothing worse than a sloppy putting surface.

 We're going to assemble our own team to take care of the landscape because I'm not happy with what I see out there. Frankly I'm better than any of them and I'd rather train and work with my own crew of cement carving killers. Any company that does that stuff for hire will likely do a shitty job just to get it done. We'll keep it "in house" and do it right.

Re-post from my Facebook page.

Last year I saw a young man in a wheelchair wearing a United States Marines t-shirt. Both of his legs were gone. His wife and two children were playing a round of mini golf but he couldn't join them because of all the stair climbing. He tried to watch them from the picnic area and I felt so bad for him. More and more I started to notice the number of people who simply could not play the 80's style "adventure golf" courses. Mothers or fathers with strollers, the elderly, the handicapped etc. That's when I decided that I could build a course that EVERYONE could enjoy. Instead of climbing around on a big dirt hill I can put the players IN the show! They'll go into the environment and not on top of it! Wide pathways and greens with beautiful scenery all around you. It'll keep my guests cooler too because they won't be baking in the Florida sun on top of a hill.

Two Trains

There will now be two engines on our Mine Train route. The "C E Barlow JR" and the "Barbara Rose". Both will be 100% solar powered and will be built at World Famous Dave Ensign Productions.

Brand new video

Brand new video from my friend Rossco Soultrain! Be sure to subscribe!

Trapper Dan

The Mine Train will take you deep into the wilderness of Westward HO!e in One. There's Trapper Dan's Cabin! Howdy, Dan!

It's ON!

WORLD FAMOUS DAVE ENSIGN PRODUCTIONS INC is live and official! Today my partner and business LORD Steve Gordon used YOUR contributions to start this wonderful organization that has already attracted great minds from far and wide. We're pushing forward at an incredible rate thanks to you, Each and every person who slapped 'ol Dave Ensign with some scratch!